Seasonal Style Notes : The Summer Edition

Our first seasonal style journal post marks the official beginning of the summer, through a considered curation of seasonal selects to keep you looking sharp by the pool and during al fresco dinners on the terrace alike, as well as the best holiday reads and accessories to maximise your enjoyment of the weather.

Summer serves as a reminder for us to slow down, to enjoy the little things and to reserve space for playfulness in our lives. Enjoy our summery packing checklist and give your closet a seasonal refresh.

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Poolside Accessories

where style meets leisure, dive into a collection of the most coveted poolside accessories ensuring you make a splash with every detail.


As summer’s warmth envelops us, it’s time to uncover the perfect swimwear pieces that will elevate your beachside style to new heights. If you prefer your bikini briefs cut high, consider pieces by Hunza G. Each piece is created using eco-friendly materials and production processes.


Embrace the radiance of summer and indulge in these sublime sun creams. Harnessing the power of nature and science in perfect harmony.


Scents that transport us to the Mediterranean and blooming gardens neither green nor floral, but… blond. Un Jardin à Cythère is the expression of an olfactory quest through Greece that leads to Kythira, an unspoiled island that has inspired many artists.


From silk-printed with vibrant blooms to breezy tiered, maxi dresses, these pieces will effortlessly transition from the sun-drenched sands to chic poolside soirees.

The Mini Dress

As the temperature rises, it’s time to embrace the allure of shorter hemlines and embrace the versatility of mini dresses each offering its unique blend of sophistication, playfulness, and undeniable charm.

The Maxi Dress

As the sun sets on balmy summer evenings, it’s time to embrace the elegance of maxi dresses. From flowing silhouettes to delicate details, we present to you a hand-picked selection of the most coveted maxi dresses that will ensure you make a statement wherever you go.

Camera and Accessories

Cameras that combine style and functionality in a portable package. We love Leica for their sleek designs and unique combination of first-class optics and high-end technology making them ideal companions for capturing life’s fleeting moments.


Where style meets comfort and every step exudes elegance. Versatile enough to transition from day to night, these sandals are the perfect companion for exploring city streets or attending rooftop soirées.


Join In the art of accessorising and discover the perfect finishing touches for your ensembles. From delicate jewellery to slick sunglasses and captivating hats.

Seasons Accessories

Travel in style with our iconic leather passport holder and matching leather travel journal. Knowing how to get the most out of your travels will enhance your experience and keeping a travel journal is one simple way in which to do this.


Timeless companions for those long weekends away. This neutral colour palette is a polite addition to any setting.


Swimming Trunks

Make no mistake, lounging by the pool is no time to let your wardrobe guard down. In fact, some would even argue that it’s the perfect arena to prove your stylistic mettle. Fortunately for men, the world of tailored swimming trunks has exploded in recent years providing endless options that tick both function and style boxes. Show your playful streak by leaning into some vivid colours and patterns like these three stellar options.

Day Shirts

Channel your inner Dickie Greenleaf this summer by inviting the spirit of la dolce vita into your wardrobe. The character portrayed by Jude Law in ‘The Talented Mr Ripley’ has become a menswear icon defined by short shorts, knitted tops, lithe loafers and most importantly, a golden tan. These knitted shirts from Italian heritage brand, Piacenza Cashmere are prime for long al fresco lunches, while the waffle knit from Mr P is an ideal candidate for slipping on and off in-between shuttles from sunbed to pool bar.


Continuing the Talented Mr Riplery theme, Dickie is seen sporting bermuda sports in the film, which present a terrific option for semi-formal occasions when trousers seem unbearable. The pleated fronts are a distinctive style with strong military connotations thanks to the adoption of these shorts by the British services in tropical territories. Also featured are these non-pleated, but effortlessly tailored Loewe’s designed to channel the laid back cool of Ibiza.

Evening Shirts

Introducing some finer materials, like cashmere or silk, into your evening wear is a simple way to achieve an elegant appearance. Soft to the touch and lightweight, these fabrics are ideally suited to warm evenings, as well as helping to cut a sophisticated figure. These cashmere shirts from Stòffa and Grand Le Mar are, once more, reminiscent of prime Dickie Greenleaf and beg to be worn loosely with buttons undone to reveal tanned skin underneath.

Linen Trousers

Although a widely adopted menswear summer staple, linen trousers can admittedly be tricky to pull off given their typically loose fitting shape. To help address this issue, we’ve selected three trousers credited for their more tailored approach, offering a heightened sartorial edge, as well as being generally more flattering.


Low key, stylish and easy to slip on-and-off; these are the criteria we look for in our choice of summer footwear. These Myrqvist sandals have been crafted with long, warm days in mind, ready for the beach, pool and city alike. While driving shoes are suited for occasions when looking sharp is the number one priority and not too much walking is involved. Morjas’ espadrille is our all-time favourite model with a more sneaker-like fit that offers superior comfort and style credentials.


Stay cooler than cool with our pick of summer accessories, including this beautiful Panama hat from Frescobol Carioca featuring a particular shapely crown and off-white band. New York based eyewear brand Moscot has been making seriously sharp specs since 1915, including our current favourite Vantz Sun in brown and bamboo colourway, replete with subtitles curves and small diamond rivets. Last but not least, Salt & Stone have perfected this ultra lightweight and non-greasy sun cream that comes in a pleasantly discreet bottle design.

Washbag Essentials

Summer should always be marked by a transition in fragrance towards something light and playful. Lean into scents that feature citric, floral and wooden notes like these fragrances from DS & Durgan and Tom Ford that are both inspired by the Mediterranean scent-scape of lemon trees, woody olive groves and salty sea air. Lastly, once you’ve experienced the refreshing spritz of a face mist, you won’t be willing to go without. This rose petal-infused version by Aesop is particularly gentle and wonderful smelling.

Poolside Reads

Ah, paradise. You can already picture yourself laying poolside under the rifling sun with a book in hand. But what book is it? Suddenly the pressure is on to find the perfect holiday read. If, like us, you tend to avoid glossy reading and prefer to match your selection to your situation, here are some gripping reads with strong themes of adventure, sunshine and shimmering oceans.

Beach Accessories

Seasons Accessories


Summer city breaks are generally conducive to packing lightly, meaning that a staunch weekender bag or carry-on case will serve your purpose nicely. These beautiful brown leather pieces are both rugged and stylish, as well sitting on the more discreet end of the spectrum.

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