What to do in Paris this Summer: Part Two

Ah, summer in Paris. When life congregates along the banks of the Seine, green park lawns fill with picnic blankets and balmy nights are spent cooling down with icy wine on restaurant terraces. As if you need any more encouragement to take that overdue trip to Paris. Here are some of our favourite ways to spend summer days in Paris.

Picnic by the Seine

Lounging on the banks of the Seine is a quintessential Parisian pastime, best enjoyed with a humble selection of local picnic materials—cue a rustic baguette, some cheese, a punnet of cherries and a bottle of rosé. There is no shortage of boulangeries and fromageries from which to acquire your goods, though the Terroirs d’Avenir along Rue de Nil is a good place to grab everything in one fell swoop. Bonus tip, you can even buy a readily available set of wine glasses and corkscrews from most Monoprix across the city.

Saint James Paris

Escape to the exclusive Sixteenth arrondissement for a dose of luxury and quietude in the leafy grounds of a storied private mansion. This distinguished château-hotel doubles as a private members club replete with a sizable shaded garden terrace perfectly suited for leisurely lunches on those long sunny afternoons. In the evenings, the hotel’s fine dining restaurant is a highly coveted reservation and the Library Bar is a distinguished den for a cocktail or two (available to non-guests and members after 7.30pm).

Lunch at Perruche

A verdant oasis perched atop the Printemps Haussmann department store, Perruche is a fresh opening on the Parisian restaurant scene and draws flocks of diners with its provencal fare and promise of panoramic views over the city. Lunch and dinner sittings are available, booking in advance is advised and requesting a table with a view is encouraged (if not always possible).

Places des Vosges

On warm days, life in Le Marais gravitates towards Places des Vosges; where groups of friends sprawl across the green lawns and children dip bare footed in the babbling fountains. Grab an iced coffee en route and a blanket to lay down on to wile away an hour or two reading a book or simply watching the world go by.

Dinner at Early June

Each evening a queue forms promptly in the half hour preceding the opening of Early June, eagerly eyeing the coveted terrace and open-window seating. A relatively fresh-faced addition to the city’s mature natural wine bar landscape, the bar has become as much renowned for its cuisine with a dynamic kitchen that hosts travelling chefs for periodic residences, allowing an ever-changing menu that is built always with the wine in mind.

Place Vendôme

Almost always our first port of call when arriving in the city, sauntering through this majestic cobbled plaza is an elevating experience that, oh-so-beautifully, encapsulates the sophistication of Paris. The grandeur of its sweeping architecture is emboldened by an impressive sense of uniformity and marked by the presence of luxury boutiques—the delicate balance of history and haute couture. Also not overlooking the princely situation of the original Ritz hotel in its perpetual glory.

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