The Entrepreneur Series.

Our journals have become integral to our everyday rituals. From the 2am thoughts, excitable off-the-cuff sketches, and everything in between. So we sat down to explore how other entrepreneurs use journalling and note-taking to elevate their everyday.

Audrey Leighton

Audrey Leighton Vintage

“I am technology challenged in ways most wouldn’t believe, I will always prefer pen to paper. All my meetings, scheduling is written down. Beautiful stationery is important to me. Far more important than my phone. This is precisely why I fell so hard in love with what Seasons have created; timeless, classic notebooks to fill and look back on later. Even our own lives will be seeped in heritage one day, what better place to collect this than a beautiful, hard-bound notebook?”

Courtney Halverson

Pretty Little Fawn

“I have such a hard time keeping track of goals or dreams when it is digital – I’m one of those people that needs to put pen to paper to actually get the words out. For me, I tend to use my journals in a scattered way that is almost like a stream-of-consciousness. One page will have a to-do list, the next will be an idea I have for an upcoming project. Sometimes I’ll write a few lines of poetry (that I still don’t have the courage to share) and sometimes a little drawing to pass the time while I daydream. It’s a little bit of everything for me.”

Jodie Leigh Brunt

Founder of Olana

“The journal is a way for me to pour out my thoughts & ideas free from the dull & dispassionate nature of the keyboard. On its pages, ideas are given the opportunity to flourish & develop. With scribbles & sketches, mistakes, clean pages & fresh starts, I find the journal allows for an experimental journey to take place. Ideas can be so fleeting & it’s often easy to have a moment of inspiration only for the thought to pass…I love the act of putting pen to paper & throwing the chaos of my mind onto the pages. Only after releasing the ideas to the paper can I then filter & shape dreams into organised goals. Above all, I feel the journal allows me to grab hold of inspired ideas & give them the chance to become something real.”

Adele and Maria

Founders of Covet Noir

“A new journal is always such a treat, but never more so than in January. We always start the year by setting our intentions for the year ahead. When aspirations are just in your mind it can be difficult to put them into action. But by writing our goals down we find it helps to really crystalise our priorities and gives us a renewed sense of motivation. Whenever we’re having a wobble, we always look back at our intentions and it puts everything in perspective.

While a lot of our work is done sitting at the computer, there is something so much more creative about putting pen to paper. Particularly when you have an idea that you’re trying to communicate to a client in the moment, a quick sketch can really help to bring an idea to life. Even a to-do list is much better written down, being able to physically tick tasks off is so much more satisfying!”

Georgie Le Roux

Founder of Gigi & Olive

“Writing, reflecting and planning on paper are integral parts of my day. Putting pen to paper helps me gather and organise my thoughts. It’s also a place where new dreams are made, sketched out as the ideas come into my mind. I carry a journal wherever I go to write down anything and everything and use it as a source of memory, inspiration and organisation. There’s nothing quite like opening and starting a new journal at the beginning of the year; inside the blank pages is the possibility and promise of great things to come.”

Simon & Jen

The September Chronicles

“Even though they say you should never judge a book by it’s cover, we unashamedly admit we were seduced by the classic design of the Season’s Journal and love that it combines form and function for our desks (knowing that the notebooks were handcrafted in England is just the cherry on top). We both use our journals for daily “to-do” lists and WFH zoom meeting notes. Jen is a freelance illustrator, so her journal doubles as a sketchbook too and they are a lovely size for slipping into a bag if we need to head out to meet clients.”

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