The artist collection

By Emily Rachael

We welcome Spring along with the launch of our Artist Collection. This collection has been designed to inspire creativity and engage in life beyond our screens.

A note from Emily, our Creative director and Co-Founder of Stories Studio.

‘This collection is a very personal collection to me, I always identified as an artist before an entrepreneur, creative director or business owner. It has always been the way I have known how to bring value to the world. I drew since I was a child right up until my degree in illustration at university. Despite being truly immersed in the creative industry for the past 10 years, my opportunity to draw or paint in recent years has been buried under tight deadlines and running a busy agency.

After speaking about missing drawing & painting, My boyfriend had surprised me with some pencils and a sketchbook – The gesture was of course undeniably sweet. But the typography lover in me wasn’t very drawn to the modern type on the sketchbook cover or the plastic pencil pouch so I tidied them away off my desk and I started to dream up art supplies which were truly beautiful, classic and a joy to purchase.

I guess creating this collection was first and foremost to inspire myself, in the same way a beautiful new outfit gives you the confidence to start a new job, these beautiful art supplies make me feel ready to begin my new creative pursuits. And, it worked! recently I have picked back up my pencils, got out my paint box and believed in the first time in years that I have the time. I’m quite rusty and at first drawing feels strange but the joy & calm I feel is so familiar. Art gives us a rare escape to the stresses of everyday life, helps us to relax and take pleasure in activities that aren’t associated with work or other pressing responsibilities. The speed of modern day life has left a lot of us impatient (myself definitely included).

With so much emphasis on technology, urgency and efficiency it’s so important we engage in activities which encourage us to be present and be still in the moment. Making art slows us down and become more patient whilst enjoying the beauty which surrounds us. In order to develop skill you have to practise, and you will need to be patient in order to build your skills.

Spring of course symbolises new beginnings, and what better way to start the Season then taking up a new hobby such as painting, sketching or writing. I’ve always found having a creative outlet keeps your mind strong whilst expanding your horizons. It is my hope our new collection provides you with both the tools and inspiration needed to capture the essence of the season’.

Whether you desire to write, paint or illustrate our charming Artist Portfolios come complete with your choice of lined, sketching for watercolour paper. Finished with a soft woven cover and grosgrain ribbon closure, the portfolios offer a tactile experience–ready to protect your work and accompany you on your creative journey. You will also find paint sets and brushes perfectly suited for first-timers or experienced artists alike, alongside canvases & easels–everything you should need to embark on such a foray.

We partnered with a 100 year old family-run print press in England to bring the collection to life using traditional methods and British milled papers certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Sustainability and social responsibility are the building blocks for everything we create. The products displayed in our collection have been created exclusively in collaboration with artisans and artists selected for their standards of quality and integrity.

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