Rose Competition

Firstly, we would like to thank our community for the overwhelming response to our competition to design your own Rosé bottle, capturing the spirit of Summer. Whilst we are busy building our new online gallery to house all your beautiful submissions, we thought it only fair to show our very own.

Our entry is an ode to our time spent on the white isle–our first summer spent living barefoot on the shores of the med and relaxing into a more bohemian lifestyle.

“Imagine that st. Barth’s and Tulum had a love child, a beautiful, free-spirited daughter with a gentle, hippie soul and a taste for the good life, and you’d be getting close to the true Ibiza”. – National Geographic

We spent our weekends making use of the white beaches and coves of the north, driving to secluded bays, discovering new spots with a boot packed full of sandy towels, wicker baskets and picnic food. So we lovingly designed a bottle to encapsulate the spirit of those days.

To effectively translate the spontaneity of our time spent in Ibiza and inject a personable nature onto the label, we opted for a hands-on process with Matisse inspired paper cuts and hand-painted typography to eliminate any desire to strive for graphic perfection and immerse ourselves in a more organic language, offering a joyful vibrancy that avoids pastiche.

The typography is reminiscent of the hand-painted signs of relaxed Chiringuito’s we spent our weekends in, whilst the earthy palette hints of the warmth in a sea breeze and the terracotta acts as a nod to the interiors in our first Mediterranean home. The rough edges of the paper cut captures a natural landscape, a land that is characterised by rocky coves and the numerous jagged islets along the western coastline.

The end result has a compelling visual character and clear communicative intention that plays with form, colour, type and layout, as well as texture, and print finish.

The bottle itself remains simple in order to have an unobstructed view of the sunset through the bottle, encouraging a connection to nature. We rely on an outer wrapping to convey character and shelf presence, which allows for you to comfortably sling your purchase into a beach bag and unwrap when you arrive at your chosen spot, a ritual which delivers a precious and premium experience

As the Rose is exclusive to the White Isle, further brand collateral could be developed to suggest the perfect locations where you can enjoy your sundowner. For larger parties, they are available to purchase in wooden boxes delivered by the Island’s own brand Rose cart.

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