No. 2


The Mediterranean living edition

For centuries, the port towns and islands of the Mediterranean have led an existence dictated by the sea and inspired by the romantic lands that envelope it. The gentle rhythm of the waves setting a languorous pace of life, the radiant sunshine dissolving any worldly worries and the infinite azure skies a constant source of perspective.

An enduring quality of life has transcended both time and borders, and can still be found thriving across the diverse range of cultures along the shores of the Mediterranean today.

Like the countless fabled sailors that navigated these very waters, we have been hopelessly lured by the Siren song of the Mediterranean. It’s enchanting beauty, infectious lust for life and passion for family, friends & food have influenced our own lives beyond measure.

These simple values encapsulate for us the essence of Mediterranean living, but are just a few of the many pearls of wisdom ingrained within these ancient traditions.

There exists a consistent philosophy that threads together the overlapping countries of the Med – life is something to be enjoyed.

An unspoken rule that is manifested through the enjoyment of simple pleasures and the appreciation of finer things–often one in the same thing.

Underpinning the foundation of Mediterranean culture is an innate connection with nature. From the rustic shorelines, to the neverending rows of shaded vineyards, there is no shortage of stunning natural beauty to be found at every turn.

Blessed with a warm climate and sunshine year-round, this blissful set of conditions encourages a life to be lived outdoors. This fluidity with nature creates a sense of freedom from modern life and beckons you to live in the moment.

As summer descends upon this idyllic corner of the world, we explore the ways in which the Mediterranean has shaped the art of living beautifully.

In particular, our attention is drawn to the sophisticated code of fashion that men and women seem to oh so naturally adhere to.

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