Winter Velvet Collection

As the crisp beginnings of fall drew in and we neatly stacked our linens away, our winter collaboration with Olana’s founder Jodie was already well underway. Our mission, to take our Summer Belles and reimagine them in the truest, most romantic winter form.

Velvet has a longstanding history in the fashion sphere, being worshipped as a winter style-staple. It allows for a transitional look from daywear to evening as the colder climates call for a fabric much more heavyweight.

The aim was to maintain a monochromatic palette with a touch of texture for our timeless, vintage-inspired seasonal garments.

A simple high sweeping neckline that skims the collarbones doesn’t call for much accessorising, but the scoop back and lengthy waist tie is a luxe ensemble in itself. The shape offers up a sweet and understated swoosh as the base of the dress skims outward from the waist. The signature Belle bow allows you to cinch the waist in for a more dramatic fit.

The shorter hemline on the Bellevedere Mini lends itself to a playful style. On the upper body we created subtle drama and a soft approach to statement shoulders. The Bellevedere midi offers a full skirt to add a touch of glamour and demure appropriate for all seasonal soirees. The gentle gathering and ruching detail on the shoulders accentuates the elegance and overall timeless feminine silhouette.

For us, there is nowhere more romantic than Paris in the fall and so it felt apt to take our final fit session to the French capital. Together with Jodie we road-tested the pieces alongside our go-to favourite accessories; pasta and wine.

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