Tips for taking the most romantic city break

Orchestrating the perfect romantic getaway can be a trialsome experience for the most organised or well-heeled travellers, so we’ve pulled together six reminders gleaned from Seasons founders, Emily and Angus’ time making the guides, to help you take the most romantic city break of your life.

Enrich the narrative.

Familiarising yourself with the history and culture of a city instantly heightens your sense of wonder, allowing your mind to paint a more vivid portrait of the past as you absorb the city’s architecture and customs through a richer lens. Our guides preface each city with a brief history as well as relevant reading and film suggestions to aid building a sense of place prior to departure.

Be the main character.

Don’t underestimate the enjoyment of a seasonably chic outfit to set the tone of your adventure. Dressing both appropriately and stylishly provides not only comfort, but an increased sense of romance for the occasion. Our guides and online journal offer destination specific style tips for the most discerning traveller.

Be prepared.

Often some of the rarest treasures are booked far in advance by locals and fellow travellers in the know, sometimes months ahead. It’s certainly worth taking extra care when planning a romantic endeavour to avoid any refusals at the door. Our guides provide intel on whether each establishment advises reservations or allows walk-ins.

Don’t overdo it.

Resist overloading your days, set aside adequate time to idle on a café terrace as the world passes by. Sometimes the best moments are the unplanned ones, so allow space for these to materialise.

Embrace seasonality.

With each season, a different side of a city’s character is revealed. The ever-changing rhythm presents renewed opportunities to get acquainted with the multiple facets. In our guides, we’ve curated seasonal specific itineraries to ensure your days are spent wisely.

Immerse yourself in the present.

The same tools that have allowed us to book an adventure in minutes, can also become a barrier to our lived experience. Instead, we urge you to look up and be guided by your curiosity. Consider documenting your trip in a travel journal over a nightcap, or carrying a film camera so that you can relive the memories weeks later rather than uploading on the go.

Keep these reminders close whilst planning your perfect romantic getaway and consult your Seasons travel guides for a curation of authentic cultural and culinary highlights.

Explore Paris, Venice and Barcelona in our first three guides available now for purchase below, with London, Rome and Florence to follow later this year.

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