Our favourite coves in Mallorca.

Islands are defined by their interminable relationship with the waters that encompass them. Many of their shores have stories to tell and the scars to prove it.

Our exploration of Mallorca focuses less on the perfect sandy beaches and more on the unique locations that tell the story of the island.From weathered fishermans houses to crumbling pirate watch towers, the smaller coves of the island each breathe an individual charm and character.

Sa Calobra

An impressive beach with an equally impressive journey to reach it, you might want to set aside a day to conquer Sa Calobra. Cut off from the rest of the island by the Serra de Tramuntana, the beach can be reached only by a single steep, long winding road. The turns are tight and the drops are steep, but the views are sublime–sheer mountain ranges are framed by the endless Mediterranean beyond. There are multiple points along the way where you’ll want to stop and breathe it in its full glory.

There are two beaches to choose from once you’ve reached the final destination. The main attraction is Torrent de Pareis, accessible through a tunnel carved into the mountain. Emerging the other side, lies a pebbled cove surrounded on all sides by looming cliffs, in an amphitheatre fashion. The waters here are calm and perfect for swimming. If it gets too crowded, the first beach on the route, Cala Sa Calobra, can sometimes be the quieter option–again great for swimming and complete with a small harbour for jumping off. Isolated as it may be, there are a couple of convenient restaurants and cafes on-hand ready to provide refreshment when needed.

Cala Deià

The north coast of the island is home to rocky coves and pebbled beaches–none are quite so popular as Cala Deià. Indifferent to its fame, the secluded cove has maintained much of its original charm–a stone ramp leads down to the water’s edge, whilst a crescent of stoney shore offers the only respite available. Within walking distance of the beloved village of Deià, the cala is also reachable by car down a single steep, winding road.

Surrounded by craggy rock faces and leafy trees, the inlet of water changes from blue to green, producing a beautifully eerie intensity to the scene. In addition to the cove’s natural beauty, lies the beautiful restaurant  Ca’s Patro March featured in our where to eat in Mallorca guide 

Cala Lombards

To the south of the island is where you will find some of the less-visited sandy beaches. Cala Lombards is a picturesque cove with crystal clear waters and a row of fading fisherman’s houses lining the water’s edge. The atmosphere here is decidedly laid-back, suited best for those looking for a quiet sunbathe or gentle swim in the sea. Whilst the cove may not be huge, it is deep and consequently has very calm waters–the sandy beach likewise stretches far back and offers space enough even on busy days. Paths cut into the rocks run along either side of the water, allowing you to explore to the mouth of the cove and glimpse views of the surrounding coast. The beach is easily accessed by car or foot and there is one beach bar, which was closed when we visited, so it’s worth bringing your own supplies or else venturing to one of the few restaurants in the local town.

Cala Pi

Another gem in the south-west of the island, whose secluded location nevertheless draws crowds of locals and tourists alike. Sheltered by towering cliffs, this natural harbour is reachable only by a set of steep stairs. The sandy beach and clear blue waters offer peaceful solitude, again better suited for those looking for more of an escape. The town above is quiet but consists of a few options to eat and drink at once you’ve finished on the beach, there are also the remnants of an old watch tower once used to guard against pirates.

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