A Summer of Art & Travel

Whilst our previous collections have adorned desks’s and studio’s around the world our latest offering has been crafted specifically with movement in mind ready to be thrown into a suitcase at a moment’s notice. .

Taking centre stage of the collection are our very first leather travel journals, which have been designed with the well-heeled traveller in mind. Rugged enough to protect your pages, yet stylish enough to turn heads and available in two sizes & colourways. The refillable nature of the journal means that it is designed to last a lifetime, simply swapping out the used pad (somewhere safe, of course) for a new one whenever you need.

Humans have an innate desire to record special moments, in one form or another. With the right tools and a few prompts it couldn’t be easier to savour our experiences and make them even more meaningful.

The essence of this Summer’s collection is to enrich the experience of travel through the written word. Often when travelling, it can be all too easy to be swept away by the sensory overload of a new place and the on-going quest to share our experiences on social media. The result is that we risk losing the magic of the moment.

Preserving the feeling of a memorable day can be as simple and enjoyable as taking your journal to cafè or bar and jotting down notes, stories, jokes or whatever helps you to relive the experience. In a time where uploading photos to Instagram is the norm, there is a heightened romance to the practice of recording your adventures offline.

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospection.”

– Anaïs Nin

Similarly, postcards have fallen from fashion–what were once common and exciting ways to communicate with friends and family have become a complete rarity. Why not be the person to shake up expectations and surprise someone with a written snapshot from your travels?

Alongside the leather journals, we’ve created three fresh design variations of our popular Cahier soft cover journals. We’ve also created the ultimate travel gifting experience with our Passport Card & Travel Ticket, which allows you to tangibly bring your travel plans to life in shimmering gold embossed detail.

Regardless of where you are travelling this Summer, try slowing down and savouring those precious moments along the way.  Rediscover the joy of writing to taste life twice–write stories, write observations, write postcards, write anything.

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