Hotel Lou Pinet, St Tropez.

Sunday in St Tropez.

From a small fishing village on the Mediterranean coast to the epicentre of the French Riviera.

We arrive early afternoon, met cheerfully by old-world charm, rows of colour-blocked houses and a plethora of designer storefronts. We take to the cobblestone streets to explore, our first stop is an iconic St Tropez hotspot–Sénéquier.

Sénéquier’s red awnings are synonymous with Saint-Tropez, made famous by Brigitte Bardot in And God Created Woman. In May 2010, Karl Lagerfeld honoured the café’s legacy by hosting the Chanel Cruise Collection show on the terrace.

Sénéquier sprung to life in the 1930s as a hub for the arts, when the passing artists, writers and actors who docked in Vieux Port poured into the harbour in search for a central place to intermix.

Perfect for a café glacé (delicious crushed iced coffee) or an apéritif whilst watching the boats come in to dock.

We people watch from our prime table on the terrace sipping on St Tropez Spritz’s, consisting of Crème de Pamplemousse, Prosecco, purée de framboise and l’eau gazeuse.

Suitably refreshed, we take to the peach toned designer laden streets again in search of Dior des Lices.

After not long, we lay eyes on the dainty facade of our next destination. Another beautiful terrace welcomes us, we are seated under the shade of a swaying palm and enjoy an iconic Dior stamped cappuccino. We wile away an hour or so before it’s time to check in to our hotel, Lou Pinet.

Upon arrival, we are struck by the Sixties’ glamour of Lou Pinet–retro-styled rooms, a postcard-worthy pool and pruned gardens heavily scented with citrus and pine.

This picturesque landscape is a credit to Charles Zana and Jean Mus, the architects and designers responsible for its world-class renovation.

The swimming pool takes centre stage at the hotel. Lined with red tipped parasols and perfectly arranged sun-loungers.  We made a quick change into our swimwear to soak up the last rays of the European summer, Riviera style. Feeling peckish we order truffle fries to our lounger, accompanied by a glass of the hotel’s very own rosé, before retiring to our private terrace to relax until dinner.

Later that evening we head to the main restaurant, dominated by an undulating ochre sofa and vast mural hanging on the wall. Mismatched ceramics are scattered throughout the room and French jazz plays in the background.

After an unforgettable afternoon snack we ordered truffle fries, again!  This time accompanied by a pistachio, pesto & goji berry salad, and whole grilled corn with aioli sriracha sides. As we chatted the next couple of hours away, a storm rolled in. We left the restaurant huddled under umbrellas, hurriedly retreating to our cosy rooms to enjoy the rumbling thunder in comfort, stepping almost-immediately into our soft robes before settling down for a night of well rest.

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