Menorca Experimental

Folded quietly into the rolling countryside amidst pine coves and dusty coastal roads, the Menorca Experimental instantly tunes us into the mellow frequency of island life.

Entering the storied grounds of the 19th century Finca, we are led through a collection of whitewashed buildings to our standalone suite, the architecture in keeping with the traditional style of the neighbouring villages dotted along the coast. Previously serving as a military compound in a former life, the grounds have been softened with artistic features with only a few remaining nods to its past including the renovated chapel and wooden watchtowers.

Calmness permeates the manicured estate from the herb garden to the poolside bar, every detail considered.

Throughout, the interior has been executed flawlessly, encompassing rustic textures alongside natural hues and a warm, contemporary aesthetic.

The symmetrical flourishes and scrupulous attention to detail give it a slight flavour of Wes Anderson, which is always very welcome in our world.

The stately manor house that stands proudly in the centre of the property serves as the hotel’s main building featuring bedrooms, spa, boutique and restaurant.

Its angular and perfectly white exterior is punctuated by uniform green shutters. Inside is equally charming, with the lofty reception area flowing effortlessly into the ensuing communal and restaurant areas. At the rear of the building, white curtains billow in the breeze from the swooping arches that preside over the terrace below. In the evening, this area is seductively lit and humming with life from the crowded tables of guests and visitors alike who have assembled to enjoy the coveted restaurant.

Foodies at heart, the restaurant is make-or-break for us. The Experimental offers up a Mediterranean inspired menu featuring sharing plates that reimagine traditional recipes with a contemporary, vegetarian-friendly approach and executed with flair, flavour and imagination.

Our excitement didn’t fatigue for the duration of our three-night stay, each evening was an opportunity to revisit favourites (namely the stracciatella pizette and watermelon & feta salad) and work our way through the untested dishes. The hero of our dining experience came in the form of a braised leek with romesco sauce and crispy onion garnish.

The Menorca Experimental feels comfortable in its own skin. From the chic decor, to the considered menu, to the smooth evening playlists, the experience is pleasingly coherent and dripping in style.

Out of sight, but not entirely out of mind–the sea is teasingly nearby. Just ten minutes on foot leads to a coastal cliff viewing platform where yoga classes take place, but we also found was a momentous setting for the picnic offered by the hotel. A further fifteen minutes took us to Cala de Llucalari–a secluded and rocky cove where you can dip in the cool waters.

The smallest of the Balearic islands, Menorca’s rugged coastline has no shortage of natural beauty and is easy to explore. Just a twenty minute taxi ride away lies one of the most privileged views of the Med we have encountered.

Carved into the cliff face of the island’s southern coast is Cova d’en Xoroi, a cave whose history is shrouded in folklore but now hosts a sleek bar with several terraces primed for picture-perfect sunsets. No secret on the island, you can expect to queue at peak times or if you prefer to not wait, you can purchase a vip table for around 100 euros inclusive of champagne!

With hotels located choicely throughout Europe and New York, the Experimental Group has a distinct aptitude for creating tasteful, luxury retreats. Menorca is the first island foray for the group, but we’ve heard whisperings that their beach bar in Ibiza might also be joined by a hotel in the old town in the near future.

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