A Photo Diary of Venice

One can only imagine the awe of the fifteenth century sailors laying eyes on Venice, for the first time, at the zenith of its merchant empire. An entire city rising impossibly from the turquoise lagoon; St Mark’s campanile protruding high over the skyline of palatial structures and domed church roofs, the white stone and pink marble façade of the Doges Palace shimmering in the golden light. As they cruised along the Grand Canal, palazzos of unencountered magnificence and unimaginable wealth lined the banks vying with each other for admiration.

Though you’ve seen it a thousand times in pictures already, the reality of a city built on water is no less impressive than it was in the Middle Ages. Remarkably little of the architecture has changed, which when combined with the palpable absence of cars, lends a beauty and peculiarity that awakens the senses and stirs the imagination.

To witness Venice in its full majesty, it must be experienced without the crowds. Rise early to catch the city while it’s still sleeping, to savour the beauty of empty passages and squares covered in a fine mist, and the predawn hush of Piazza San Marco.

The hours of sunrise and sunset herald the most magical Venetian light, painting the sky a gentle apricot before settling into warm rosey, golden depths, reflecting off the lagoon and casting its hue across the city. Find yourself a suitable perch, from which to enjoy the show with a spritz in hand, whilst the gondolas slip by.

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